Foundation Assembly Of World Tamburitza Association

Constituent Assembly of the World Tamburitza Association held on 23 May 2013th in Novi Sad was founded by Jovann Pejčić, Zoran Bugarski, Jovan Adamov, Zoran Mulić and Danilo Ninkovic.

The founding documents are based on the achievement of the objectives of the World Tamburitza Association in the field of tamburitza music, especially the preservation of traditional tamburitza music from around the world as well as organizing events to promote tamburitza music. The important point is to connect tamburitza players from all continents and cooperate with cultural organizations, as well as developing a global, intercultural understanding.

World Tamburitza Association has a duty to preserve and strengthen the culture and identity of tamburitza music, to cherish traditions and historical values, customs and culture of the people.

It refers especially to the preservation of traditional music, the promotion of cultural and moral values ​​of Serbian cultures and traditions around the world.

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Establishing Assembly Desicion

At the Assembly Foundation was created the Board of Directors and its members are Dr. Jovan Pejčić, President of the Organizing Committee of “Tamburitza Fest”, Jovan Adamov, art director of “Tamburitza Fest”, Dr. Mark Forry (USA, Tamburitza Association USA and Canada), Professor Zoran Mulić , president of the Tamburitza Association of Vojvodina, professor Franjo Batorek, Croatia (European Tamburitza Union), Miro Marinković, RS BiH (European Tamburitza Association), Zoran Bugarski, a member of the Steering Committee and the Union of Vojvodina Tamburitza Association and Danilo Ninković, a member of the Steering Committee and the Tamburitza Association of Vojvodina.

Board of Directors, as it was concluded, shall be complemented with other four members, three are from the European Association, the representative of Croatia, Bosnia and Hungary, and the one is the representative of the Canadian Association.

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Initiative For Establishment Of The World Tamburitza Association

SIGNAL from Banja Luka
The initiative for establishment of the World Tamburitza Association came from the European Tamburitza Association. The guests of „Tamburitza Fest 2012“  were members of the Board of Tamburitza Association from USA and Canada, Joe Kirin and Dr. Mark Forry, as well as the board members of the European Tamburitza Association seated in Banja Luka, Spomenko Guzjan and Miro Marinković. There was signed The Initiative-Declaration for establishment of the World Tamburitza Association which would be seated in Novi Sad.
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