Second Congress of the World Association of Tamburitza

Premises of the World Association of Tamburitza, the hotel “Novi Sad” – Ceremonial Hall

The program for Thursday, 25th June 2015, from 3 to 6 pm:

Opening Ceremony
Jovan Pejčić PhD, the president of WAT
Zvonko Bogdan, lifetime honorary president of WAT
Scientific Conference – Speakers:
Branko Davidović, the president of the European Association of Tamburitza, RS BiH
Topic: Tamburitza music from national to universal values Prof. Mihael Ferić, Croatia
Topic: Museum of Tambura in Slavonski Brod
Prof. Zoran Mulić MA, Serbia
Topic: Explicit emotionality of tamburitza music in the time that we live in
Damir Zajec, Slovenia
Path to the quality tamburitza music in tamburitza “non-traditional” regions (The Slovenian experience).
Ivan Mamužić, Hungary
Topic: Tambura in Hungary
Emir Prekić, Montenegro
Topic: Tambura In Montenegro
The program for Friday, 26th June 2015, from 10 am to 1 pm:
Prof. Franjo Batorek, Croatia
Topic: Training methodology of tambura players beginners through group classes
Marija Dumnić, MA
Topic: Professionalization of folk ensembles in Serbia in the period between the two World Wars. Stipan Jaramazović, Serbia
Topic: The emergence and development of orchestral tambura in Vojvodina
Julijana Jovanović MA, Serbia
Topic: Influence of “Tamburica Fest” on development of new tamburitza music
Prof. Đura Parčetić, Serbia
Topic: Step forward in the story about tamburitza
Miro Marinković, RS BiH
Topic: Youth tamburitza camps
The realization of the Congress helped by the Republic Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.