Within this year’s eighth anniversary of the World tamburitza festival “Tamburica Fest 2015”, the second Congress of the World Association of Tamburitza will be held and it will be attended by delegates from the Assembly of that planetary body of tamburitza musicianship. It is known that the headquarters of the World Association of Tamburitza is in Novi Sad, has by a unanimous decision of the Founding Assembly by acclamation of all the delegates for extraordinary contribution to the advancement of tamburitza music, tradition and culture elected as its President Jovan Pejčić PhD, creator and the most prominent man of “Tamburica Fest “. The world tamburitza festival, of course, contributed to his election, which according to estimations of all participants is the most significant and biggest tamburitza event in the world of all time.
This year, beside the Congress, International scientific conference will be held , where lectures and presentations of works by the greatest authorities of tamburitza musicianship will be presented: Branko Davidović MA, the president of the European Association of Tamburitza, from the Republic of Srpska, Professor Mihael Ferić from Croatia, Professor Zoran Mulić MA from Novi Sad, Damir Zajec from Slovenia, Ivan Mamužić from Hungary, Emir Prekić from Montenegro, Professor Franjo Batorek from Croatia, Marija Dumnić MA from Belgrade, Stipan Jaramazović from Subotica, Julijana Jovanović MA from Novi Sad, Professor Đura Parčetić from Sombor and Miro Marinković from the Republic of Srpska.
They have dealt with the most interesting topics in the field of composition, arrangement, ethnomusicology, music-making techniques, sociological and psychological influence of tamburitza music on the positive vibrations of human existence and society in their works. Scientific Conference will be held in the Ceremonial Hall of the hotel “Novi Sad”, which is also, the official hotel of the World Tamburitza Festival.
On Thursday, 25th June, Scientific Conference will take place from 3 to 6 pm, on Friday, 26th June from 10 am to 1 pm.
All interested parties who would like to attend the lectures can register at the e-mail address: [email protected], contact person Bojan Marovic mob. 063665766.

The aim of the Scientific Conference is to exchange past experiences and give exposure to new ideas and visions on a yearly basis in order to improve tamburitza music and contribute to happier society. Since music is, as the song says, the shortest path to happiness.
The Festival “Tamburica Fest 2015”, Congress of the World Association of Tamburitza and Scientific Conference with international participation, provide huge contribution to help Novi Sad bear the title of the European Capital of Culture.